5 Things About Twilight That I’m Really, Really Sick Of (And Then I’ll Never Talk About Twilight Again)

1. Journalists calling Twilight fans “Twi-hards.”

  • It’s not a term any fans actually use to describe themselves. It makes me feel awkward every time I read it, like when people call comedy sketches “skits.”

2. Constant commentary about Kristen Stewart not smiling.

  • 1. She smiles.
  • 2. The least original narrative about her is: “She doesn’t ever look happy! What’s wrong with this girl? It’s not that hard. Come on, smile!” How obnoxious to be constantly telling a woman what to do with her body and physical appearance, and for what…to make the rest of us more comfortable with our biased gender expectations and roles? Must all women put on a happy show for you in order for you to feel at ease? Maybe she doesn’t want to smile, for Christ’s sake, except when she does. The obsession with Kristen Stewart smiling/not smiling says a lot more about our society than it does about her.

3. Reporters asking the actors about wearing the vampire contact lenses and if they can believe all the fan support/turnout!

  • For the record: the contact lenses suck and no, they can’t believe the fan support/turnout. 

4. Taylor Lautner being forced to talk about his abs.

  • They were conversation-worthy the first time we saw them in New Moon. Now it’s just embarrassing to ask the poor guy to comment on them again. He has a good body. The rest of us eat half a bag of tortilla chips for our second lunch of the day. Let’s just leave it at that. 

5. Vague questions directed at Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart about their relationship. 

  • "I have to ask…" No, you don’t. They’re not going to suddenly start answering queries about their personal life after 5 years of avoiding the topic. Let it go, sweet TV anchors. Let it go.
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