This Thursday is my mom’s birthday. She would be 62. I am feeling it very, very much today; just the everything of that loss (it’s been over five years, it never goes away… ugh…that realization). Anyway, shortly after her death I found some poems by Taije Silverman, who also lost her mom from cancer. They were great comfort - in both the words and the shared experience of losing a loved one from cancer, which can be so painfully isolating. So may horrible moments that are so hard to share with anyone. If you’ve experienced this, you know what I mean: the things no one talks about. 

This one poem I still find particularly painful to read, but helpful too - because when I first read it it was so reassuring to really know others had been there and survived. Which you do.

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    I’ve been wanting to write my mother a letter about the election. And how it was around last Christmas I realized I...
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    You don’t want to ever be someone who understands this, but if you do, you do.
  3. nyclust said: Thank you Kate. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer too and it never really gets easier. I was overwhelmed last night, for instance, about how she would never enjoy another episode of CBS Sunday Morning—her favorite show—as I sat watching it.
  4. growltiger said: hugs hugs hugs to you
  5. elytra said: Oh. Wow. Thank you. I’m so sorry for your loss, and if you want to message me — I’ve been there and survived, too.